About Us

Message from the Principal

For over a decade, Little Scholars has been empowering children and providing a strong foundation by supporting their needs with sensitivity and affection. Parenting urges you to explore new avenues and opportunities that is best in the interest of your little ones. We understand that entrusting the care of your child to someone else is challenging. At Little Scholars we strive to cater to the needs of every child in a compassionate surrounding that offers confidence and a sense of security to our parents. It is our promise that we will go above and beyond to enable your child to accomplish developmental milestones and make their learning journey as joyful as possible.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Sandhya Karia


  • We believe that “Happy Children make Successful learners”
  • We believe children learn most effectively by using all their senses and through their own firsthand experiences
  • We believe in inspiring self-esteem and confidence through positive interactions
  • We believe in collaborating with parents for desired learning outcomes.

Our Approach

“I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand.”

  • Our approach draws inspiration from renowned early years theorists and educationists.
  • We progressively move from active learning explorations to pencil paper shift ONLY when children show readiness.
  • We encourage children to learn at their pace and comfort.
  • We create engaging environments conducive to visual and practical learning.


We believe that a consistent and yet flexible routine accommodates every child’s natural rhythms and temperaments, which provides them with the right sense of security and stability to facilitate a trust between child and teacher.


“A child outgrows a toy and outfits, but they never outgrow time and love”

We immensely value and respect parents as their children’s first teachers. We believe that open communication with parents and significant care givers is of paramount importance for the child’s learning to be consistent. Therefore, we encourage parents to meet teachers to review their child’s progress and achievements and to set targets for continuous learning beyond school. Let us work together to make the formative years of your child as stimulating and beneficial to broaden their learning horizon.


Children are not things to be moulded, but are people to be unfolded.” ... 

Teaching young children requires nothing short of complete devotion and perseverance

Our valued teaching and assisting staff are passionate about working with children and are committed to creative teaching methods to nurture the needs of our children. They take a proactive approach by inventing ways to incorporate knowledge in a way that facilitates opportunities for each and every child, with an understanding of their individual differences in development and readiness.



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