Celebrating Earth Day: A life on our planet

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see the word “life?”

Do you think of the struggles you’re facing? How you can live to your fullest? Perhaps you think about your child’s life, and the lives of people who are beloved to you. Whatever occurs to you is subjectively correct. We are all wired to experience life differently!

However, when was the last time you thought about the life of the animals around you? The life of the trees that give such beautiful scenery? The life within the oceans and in the skies? Is this a planet that embodies human lives exclusively, or is this a planet full of extensive life forms?

It just so happens that in nature, everything is just somehow interlinked. We’re all part of this one big loop and often we don’t realise (until it’s too late) how a problem in a single area of the loop can affect all the lives in the loop!

Guess what… this time, humans are the problem. From the biological and geological history of Earth we learn that the Earth has a tendency to “wipe” itself clean. There has been 5 mass extinctions so far that have happened before, and we are heading for the sixth one; The Holocene Extinction. Unlike the other extinctions that mother nature catered for, this time, we are the reason. But because we have a love for climbing high on ladders and being the best at what we do, we somehow managed to break the record of extinction rate! We are causing an extinction 100 to 1000 times faster than mother nature ever did!

There’s good news though. We still have time to undo our destruction, to start thinking outside of our life box, to start thinking about our actions and our responsibilities.

As caretakers of little hearts, it is our responsibility to foster the right mindset and character in our children. This is our way of creating a better future. On April 22nd 2021, Earth day was

celebrated in a grand manner at Little Scholars. However, we also want you to know that Earth day is every day for us in school. The children are always engaging in various activities that help them connect with their environment. For instance, planting is a regular activity throughout the year. Learning about birds, bees and other life forms are integral parts of our themes too. It is a rule in school to not pluck flowers or hurt animals. And we often use old boxes, tin cans and other reusable material for our art crafts.

This year, our Earth day was so harmonious! The children were prepped in class for weeks in advance on “how to save planet Earth.” We then gathered together on Thursday 22nd April for an assembly before heading off to clean the school collectively. The children were so happy about cleaning the Earth! That’s something we as adults need to learn from them; joyful actions!

At the bottom of the page you will find a link on David Attenborough’s trailer to his “A life on our planet” film. It is quite extraordinary, and a real eye opener! The film can be watched on Netflix too.

Scroll down to watch how we celebrated Earth Day.

Earth day assembly…

School clean up…

Happy B-earth-day! (kittens)…

Crocs of the world…

Thank you (Elephants)…

Giraffes and Lions living together…

“A life on our planet” trailer…

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    Thank you little scholars for a very informative blog! I did not know about holocene extintion. You have opened my eyes to something new!

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