Story hunt

These are fun-filled learning sessions whereby parents and children first attend a story session after which they work as a team to solve clues and find hidden answers.

Celebrate Learning

We strongly believe that each child is unique and has a unique and has a unique learning style too. during our mega event of "celebrate learning" each child gets the opportunity to portray their talents to their parents and family member through various mediums of learning. Its an event which boosts the children's self-esteem, confidence as well as independency.


It is that bitter-sweet moment when we have to say good bye to our dear graduates who have spent almost 5 years with us. They are all set to take up new challenges and endeavors as they step into the next phase of their schooling journey. 

100th school day

This day is celebrated with a lot of thrill and excitement as the school marks its 100th working/learning day. The children participate in various activities linking to the number "100". A favorite among the children is the 1-100 number hunt. 

parent workshops

We strongly believe that parents are our partners in education. The "Student - Parent - Teacher" triangle must be a strong one in order to help the children achieve their maximum and support their love for learning. Hence we organize coffee mornings on the last Friday of every Month and we also hold parental workshops.     

sports day 

An extremely exciting and thrilling event where all Children & Staff are energized and geared to showcase their talent. Good sportsmanship is vital and our young Children understand this very well.