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    Amazing article… thank you so very much. My child love school and the incan already see some changes in her..

    Awesome activities for the kids, I can always see the excitement my son gets when he hears about school. He will even wake me up on weekends already wearing his backpack.
    Kudos =)

    Matt has just informed me that he doesn’t even know what ‘that’ word is – pointing to ‘paleontologist’, so it’s not just 4 year olds that struggle! 🙂
    Joshua tells me facts about dinosaurs everyday – always relating to the size of Ms Suhayla – a T-Rex is bigger than Ms Suhayla, it’s tooth it’s as big as Ms Suhayla’s head 😉 I also got the ‘waffle’ version of the extinction of dinosaurs. Apparently ‘a big rock, called a meteor (I was impressed by that!) from outer space came and crashed into planet earth and all the dinosaurs sizzled up like sausages, just like in the book with the elephant’!! (Referring to the ‘Enormous Crocodile’ by Roald Dahl) 😂😂😂

    Happy to see the excitement and energy created, LS has been part of my daughter’s life Delight… She goes with the school everywhere. I’m amazed at how she can relate what she learned with her surroundings., the emotional balance, independence and more.
    Well done.

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