What’s the Weather?

That’s the question which we had to answer every morning after observing our surroundings and the sky above us!

The theme for April for the bunnies class was ‘Weather’ and coincidentally it was the perfect timing! Due to the weather changes the bunnies got to experience different weather types.

Some children came to school with umbrella’s, boots and sweaters on a rainy day and this really helped to show what kind of clothing we wear on a wet day!

Throughout the week, one child would help us identify the weather through a weather chart and a weather pointer; it was quite fun doing so!

Theme Art

We had so much fun painting, crafting, sticking materials. We got to paint our own Clouds, Rain, Sunshine, Snowman and Rainbows!

Art was enjoyed and the children were exposed to different skills during the activities; they got to improve their skills in free painting, holding glue sticks firmly between their

hands to stick materials and they were also exposed to a variety of different colors!

Gross Motor Skills

Our Regular Montessori mornings had an additional activity to them; each morning we make sure to sweat a bit so we’re all freshened up for the day. We spend at least 10 minutes doing some morning exercises. On these particular few weeks of April, we’ve been doing “pass through the hoop” where a child successively crawls from one hoop to the next until the end of all hoops. This activity was absolutely loved by the kids! When there was no patience left to wait for one to finish, they would all end up in the hoops one behind the other! But hey, there’s no fun without a little mess here and there!

Physical education always starts with a few stretches. The children develop flexibility and strength, and our stretches include jumping jacks, bending up and downwards, touching our toes and twisting.

This PE we had a session called “stick relay” where a child on one side would run with a stick and relay it to another child on another end. This not only improves their running skills but also their listening skills as they had to pass it to a specific child mentioned by the teacher.

Messy and Sensory play

Our messy activities involved hand printing with two colors selected by the children; it was quite a messy day! Ball transfer in class was definitely the best! The children had to scoop balls from one tray filled with water and transfer it to another one. It all ended with balls scattered and drenched children everywhere!

Pasta on skewers was another sensory activity that we did in class. The children carefully chose which colored pasta they liked and inserted it through a skewer. This activity was done in such a short time! We had to empty the skewers every time through 3 minute intervals. Next time we definitely need an object taller than a skewer; these are super human kids!

Lastly, the children got turns to scribble on a blackboard with chalk and on a flip chart with crayons. A few children drew dots on the blackboard and mentioned that they drew raindrops! I was quite amazed and glad they understood the theme.

Earth Day

Earth day was celebrated through the 3rd week of April. The bunnies made their own little plants on a coconut and also made a tiny earth with their handprints on it, along with a special message saying,“we can change the earth with our own two hands”. To find out more about Earth day, please visit our blog page. Let’s all protect the earth!

Activities which you could do with your child at home

  • Ask them about the weather every morning.
  • Coloring pictures of the sun, clouds and rainbows for improving fine skills, identification of colors and so that they remember what was taught in class.
  • Do stretches with your child such as: Jumping jacks, bending up and downwards, touching the toes, twisting the body.
  • Jump over or pass through the hoop/rope is a nice way to encourage physical strengthening of the muscles at home.
  • Watering plants at home and planting flowers would be a great way to show compassion and care for our earth.

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    Every time we receive one of your updates, Joshua’s behaviour suddenly makes sooo much sense 😂
    He’s been absolutely devastated to see plastic on the floor and insisting on picking it up and putting it the trash bin, no matter where we are! He’s been telling us all about sea creatures with plastic inside their tummies and almost crying every time he sees a tree that’s been chopped down… they have definitely taken this topic to heart ❤️
    On a happy note, we hear the days of the week song, the continents song and the oceans song at least 5 times a day – each!! On Tuesday, taking Olivia and Joshua ti their science class, I couldn’t get a word in as they were singing all of these songs on a loop! So funny, and so lovely to hear. What’s even more impressive is that they could both show me where all the continents and all the oceans were – amazing! Thank you Ms Suhayla and Little Scholars, every day is full of exciting new learning experiences and lots of fun for all of our children!

    Watching it with my ray ! He enjoyed every bit with us it was amazing see him grow in the best way ever and when he said “mama school is so much fun “ he took me away !! I mean I don’t rem saying that all my life that only tells me how much fun thy are having and learning at the same time couldn’t be happier “ Best moments at LS ❤️

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