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What a splendid month! We started a new theme called “Transportation” which is the last theme of the year. This is, by far, one of the children’s favorite themes. We have already covered “Land Transport”. The next topic is “Air Transport” and after that is “Water Transport”.

We have covered a lot in “Land Transport”. We named different vehicles such as cars, buses, trains, bicycles, construction vehicles (diggers, excavators, trucks, dump truck and bulldozer) and rescue cars (ambulance, fire engine, police car).

Road signs and road safety were carefully taught and understood. We discussed that we need to look both ways before crossing the road, wear a seat belt, and follow the traffic lights. We also observed the zebra crossing and a bump just outside the school. We saw how the car went up and down; thus, we described the bump as “up and down”. We sang different songs such as “twinkle twinkle traffic light” and “wheels on the bus”. We read various books on the topic like “Magic train ride” and watched some videos for some visual learning.

The day would not end without “pretend play” on our floor road. The children were delighted to play on it! They played with different vehicles, made some blockhouses, followed the road signs, interacted with one another, and also pretended to be mechanics fixing bus tires.


Until now, the children are enjoying recognizing and learning about the sounds of the letters. So far, they have covered “s,” “a,” and “t”. We will now be recognizing and learning the sound “p”.

To help them recognize sounds at home, you can

  • Play some audio songs of “Jolly Phonics”
  • Show them some videos.
  • Play some games like; “I spy game,” where you can have a bunch of letters written on sticky pads and stick them on the wall. Ask them to find a particular sound.

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Earth Day Celebration

The whole school celebrated earth day 🌍 whereby we did lots of activities. Be sure to check out Earth Day blog to find out more about these activities! We all need to instill caring of the earth from a young age ❤. Taking care of our environment is vital, and it will create a more mindful child. You can teach them to do simple tasks every single day.

For example;

  • Throwing trash in the dustbin.
  • Watering plants.
  • Plant a tree and let them watch over the years as it grows.
  • Take care of animals/pets at home.
  • Cleaning the house by wiping off and sweeping.
  • Show them some documentaries such as “Wings of Life”, “Oceans”, and “Scenes from chasing ice” and “A life on our planet” by David Attenborough.
  • Show them some animated movies that portray caring for the environment such as “Lorax” by Dr Suess and “Wall E”.
  • Read lots and lots of books that teaches them about the earth.
  • Be creative! Let them create new items from the trash or make different toys out of the trash. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”
  • Make sure to reuse items and reduce waste.
  • Ask them to always switch off the lights when they are out of the room.
  • Close the taps when brushing teeth. Saving water is essential. We only have 2% of clean water on this earth. Let’s not waste water.
  • Set an example. Children observe and copy their parents. Earth day isn’t celebrated only on 22nd April. It is celebrated every day… every minute… every second. There is no Earth B! Let’s care for our planet whilst creating future leaders who will care for it too!

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    Every time we receive one of your updates, Joshua’s behaviour suddenly makes sooo much sense 😂
    He’s been absolutely devastated to see plastic on the floor and insisting on picking it up and putting it the trash bin, no matter where we are! He’s been telling us all about sea creatures with plastic inside their tummies and almost crying every time he sees a tree that’s been chopped down… they have definitely taken this topic to heart ❤️
    On a happy note, we hear the days of the week song, the continents song and the oceans song at least 5 times a day – each!! On Tuesday, taking Olivia and Joshua ti their science class, I couldn’t get a word in as they were singing all of these songs on a loop! So funny, and so lovely to hear. What’s even more impressive is that they could both show me where all the continents and all the oceans were – amazing! Thank you Ms Suhayla and Little Scholars, every day is full of exciting new learning experiences and lots of fun for all of our children!

    Watching it with my ray ! He enjoyed every bit with us it was amazing see him grow in the best way ever and when he said “mama school is so much fun “ he took me away !! I mean I don’t rem saying that all my life that only tells me how much fun thy are having and learning at the same time couldn’t be happier “ Best moments at LS ❤️

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