Life is the underlying difference between what is living and what is not. Now, to explain this to my 4 year olds wasn’t such an easy task, but thankfully they grasped the concept well. In fact even as adults there is much controversy on the topic, for example…is the sun living or non-living?

Living things have specific requirements to stay alive whereas non-living things couldn’t have it easier with absolutely no requirements to keep them from being the way they are. ‘Plants’ was definitely the most strenuous part for them to understand, “But Miss Farheen! How is a plant breathing?” Was the question being asked all around the classroom. To illustrate this to my Crocodiles, we did a very cool science experiment where we submerged a leaf in water and let it stay…a few hours later, the kids were gob smacked to see some tiny air bubbles where the leaf was releasing air to show it was breathing.

Another super awesome science experiment we got to do was the color changing flower experiment. This was just the perfect way to demonstrate how plants drink water! And the results were just phenomenal.

This was a very different yet riveting theme for my crocodiles. We got to experience the more biology side of science and it was awesome!

Gross motor

Gymnastics has become a class favorite with everyone really mastering all the new skills taught. Swimming was put on a pause due to the weather but hopefully will be back on track from this week.


Learning continues as we explore addition in greater depth. To go with our theme we’ve been using various nature items from around the school garden to practice our addition skills. We had a very slight introduction to working

with number lines which came across as quite a challenge for the crocodiles than I had anticipated. Perhaps something to implement at home with them.

Your efforts and support do not go unnoticed.

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    Every time we receive one of your updates, Joshua’s behaviour suddenly makes sooo much sense 😂
    He’s been absolutely devastated to see plastic on the floor and insisting on picking it up and putting it the trash bin, no matter where we are! He’s been telling us all about sea creatures with plastic inside their tummies and almost crying every time he sees a tree that’s been chopped down… they have definitely taken this topic to heart ❤️
    On a happy note, we hear the days of the week song, the continents song and the oceans song at least 5 times a day – each!! On Tuesday, taking Olivia and Joshua ti their science class, I couldn’t get a word in as they were singing all of these songs on a loop! So funny, and so lovely to hear. What’s even more impressive is that they could both show me where all the continents and all the oceans were – amazing! Thank you Ms Suhayla and Little Scholars, every day is full of exciting new learning experiences and lots of fun for all of our children!

    Watching it with my ray ! He enjoyed every bit with us it was amazing see him grow in the best way ever and when he said “mama school is so much fun “ he took me away !! I mean I don’t rem saying that all my life that only tells me how much fun thy are having and learning at the same time couldn’t be happier “ Best moments at LS ❤️

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