Warrior of the Light

‘The warrior of light’ by Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite reads! As I began to press pause in the classroom, I remembered an excerpt that I once came across…

“The warrior knows that there are occasional pauses in the struggle…
The warrior takes stock of his life; he makes sure that his sword is sharp, his heart satisfied, that faith still burns in his soul. He knows that maintenance is as important as action.”- Paulo Coelho, Warrior of light

It’s quite scary to think that within another month or so, the children will be done with their Elephant year and so will I. As time just whooshes by, I realized the importance of pressing the pause button: a need to rethink our progress so far, to stop, to calculate and appreciate all that has happened. So together, with my precious Ellies, we pressed the pause button.

We went over everything that we’ve learnt and we fixed the little broken parts of understanding along the way (and continue to do so). Our journey in maths was stretched out far. We’ve manage to count and write to 100, add and subtract numbers up to 20 (some children even up to 50 and beyond) using number lines, counters and the counting on method (head and fingers). We learnt about patterns, we looked at fractions, and we learnt about clocks. Counting backwards from 20 was indeed a challenge, and filling in missing numbers got quite tiresome sometimes! Our math journey will continue with one more concept that will be introduced in May. We’ve traveled such a long way, and now just one final step remains to complete the package.

Our literary journey has been spectacular. I just really enjoy teaching language and observing how children assemble their inner mechanics for language development. This year, we learnt so many sight words! We learnt how to blend cvc words, and decode tricky words to get to their pronunciation. Our cvc passages have been a hit! The children are reading ever so fluently, and although we work on them in class, your support has taken them a mile ahead! I look at my elephants and I go wow… All they came with to the elephants class was mere letter-sound knowledge. And now? They are just remarkable readers. Maria Montessori’s description of “the absorbent mind” has become so obvious to me now. I believe in the absorbent mind more now than I did when I was a student in college.

The pause button is serving us well. Stopping and thinking about our actions and development is necessary for future progress. We paused; we looked at planet Earth and we all nearly cried watching a video of a whale trying to save the ocean from all the plastic (link below). Believe me, we had such intense and emotional sessions about planet Earth that my Elephants were just torn apart by how our actions are affecting the oceans, the lands and all the animals. In the end, we all decided to become superheroes that save planet Earth. Rihaan said to me, “Ms Suhayla if I see people throwing trash on the beach I will ‘chapa chapa’ them!” and Rayaan exclaimed, “I will catch all those bad people hunting elephants and I will throw them in jail!”

Our earth theme coincided well with Earth day. Along with learning about the oceans (the 5 oceans song has become another favorite in class), the children got to explore different features of each ocean. We are approaching the end of this fantastic theme, but we have to end it in a grand manner in May! It includes a whole week celebration, which means it will have to wait till after Eid because there’s no way I’m missing out on the fun! Due to this, I will start merging our next theme on fairy tales in the time we have left till Eid. We will be looking at various fairy tales through comprehensive lenses.

Don’t stop reading with your child 🙂

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    Every time we receive one of your updates, Joshua’s behaviour suddenly makes sooo much sense 😂
    He’s been absolutely devastated to see plastic on the floor and insisting on picking it up and putting it the trash bin, no matter where we are! He’s been telling us all about sea creatures with plastic inside their tummies and almost crying every time he sees a tree that’s been chopped down… they have definitely taken this topic to heart ❤️
    On a happy note, we hear the days of the week song, the continents song and the oceans song at least 5 times a day – each!! On Tuesday, taking Olivia and Joshua ti their science class, I couldn’t get a word in as they were singing all of these songs on a loop! So funny, and so lovely to hear. What’s even more impressive is that they could both show me where all the continents and all the oceans were – amazing! Thank you Ms Suhayla and Little Scholars, every day is full of exciting new learning experiences and lots of fun for all of our children!

    Watching it with my ray ! He enjoyed every bit with us it was amazing see him grow in the best way ever and when he said “mama school is so much fun “ he took me away !! I mean I don’t rem saying that all my life that only tells me how much fun thy are having and learning at the same time couldn’t be happier “ Best moments at LS ❤️

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