End of Year Moments

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances…”

As we close some chapters, we begin new ones…Our little Graduates are definitely going places!

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Teaching is a magical journey; not knowing where you’ll end up. 
Each day brings along its own set of challenges, laughter, joy and love. Be it the good days or the bad days; I love them all.  
Building a relationship and understanding each child is what I love most about my job. As quoted by Sean Junkins – “So often you find that the students you’re trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you.”
All of my Lion’s have made a huge impact on me this year and have made me realize just how fond I am of my job. I’ve looked forward to seeing them at school each and now It saddens me that our journey has  come to an end. 
I wish my Lions nothing but the best, their bright minds are going to reach the stars and beyond! 
Mrs Zahra Rajani
Lions Teacher 2020-2021

A journalist, a biologist, psychologist, an artist, a baker and even an astronomer… I grew up wanting to be those things. During my gap year after high school, I volunteered to work at an elementary school and that’s when it hit me. Teachers are often underrated… but what people don’t understand is that it’s the one profession that creates all the other professions. It’s also the one profession that allows you to take on different professional roles at the same time… 

I’ve been a journalist while exploring and writing stories with my kids. I’ve had a chance to explore life on a scientific level with them… we’ve learnt about our planet, we’ve painted the colours of our hearts, and we’ve even made our own Belgian Waffles! I get to be a psychologist every time I write my observations and their reports too… 

And the best part about it all? The love. The love I get from my kids is something I wouldn’t trade the world for. The smiles, the laughter, the naughty but hilarious behaviours, and the flowers I got every single day ( literally every day)… aah what more does a kindergarten teacher want?! 

I must say though, parental support is the icing on a cake. Without parental motivation, teachers may feel unappreciated and as a result, they may perform just a little less well. To all the Elephant parents, you guyz are my light!!! I would not have enjoyed my career without all the love and support I got from you. I love you all nearly as much as I love your kids (nearly*… they still take the first place). Thank you! 

Ms Suhayla Ibrahim Sher’ally
Elephants Class Teacher 2020-2021

Being a teacher, especially a preschool teacher is a fun experience. Getting all the warm hugs and cute smiles in the morning while watching them grow not only physically but their little brains absorbing in the content that is been taught is just wonderful. It was a difficult journey at first but once I got the hang of it and made a goal that I wanted to achieve everything else just fell in place. Moreover, teaching is not possible without a strong team that supports you. Teaching techniques that will motivate children to learn are very important too!! The following quote by Maria Montessori reflects my journey of being the Giraffes class Teacher .“The greatest gifts we can give to children is the roots of responsibility and the wings of Independence”
Miss Jawahir Salim (jojo)
Giraffes class teacher (2020 -2021)

No two years of teaching are ever the same. My Crocodiles experience this year has been like none before. With a class of 20 super energetic 4 year olds, I had to train my brain to mentally pump my body with extra vitality every morning, and wow did it do wonders. Each day was a brand new journey for us with new adventures, new learning experiences to explore and plenty of giggles, mistakes and accidents which is what made it all so worth while. 
Teaching is certainly not a one way procedure. We as teachers evidently learn a good amount from our students just as they do from us, and of the many things my Crocodiles have taught me this year, my pivotal learning points have been; patience is key, sometimes things just don’t go to plan…actually most of the times, and finally sometimes the best solution to a problem is to just laught it away…certainly not all the time though. 
I wouldn’t change a single thing from my experience with my Crocodiles, except to be able to keep them for just a little longer.
Mrs Farheen Issa
Crocodiles Class 2020-2021

What an amazing year it has been with the crocodiles! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown, it was an awesome journey full of love, laughter, giggles and tears! It was an honor being a part of their lives for 12 months and I hope I was able to do justice to that role. The children have definitely changed my outlook on how I look at life and taught me great lessons that I will forever remember. I loved each day and always looked forward to the next. I wish them all the best and pray for their success everyday! 
Mrs Khizran Meghji
Crocodiles Class Teacher 2020-2021

It’s been an honour and privilege to watch my Kittens grow a year older. I can’t believe that time has gone by so quickly. The kittens have made my life so much BRIGHTER! I was so lucky to have been their teacher this year. My Journey with them was a real rollercoaster! So much excitement, corners and breathtaking moments! We had so much fun together! I still remember the most exciting days of the year were the messy play and art sessions where not only the children got messy but got me messy too. Storytime was also quite beautiful! Two books weren’t enough and I remember my Kittens refusing to go home and wanting to read one book more. What a splendid journey it has been!
Hugs, kisses and tons of LOVE to all my Kitties!
Ms Shazia Dhanani
Kittens Class Teacher 2020-2021

2021 has been an incredible year for me. Through teaching and spending time with the bunnies, I’ve personally progressed through patience and understanding. Many say this age group is quite difficult. Of course it is!  When it comes to communication it’s usually one way or not at all. But they forget to mention that’s it the most adorable and sweetest age group ever. It’s literally blessing to be a mom of about 10+ toddlers, each wanting to be loved and cared for. Their sweet gestures when they need to be cradled or hugged is just so heartwarming. They just come up to you and place themselves on the lap or hold your hand tightly. I’m so used to being called mommy I forget I’m actually a teacher to them. They manage to steal your heart at an instant. Teaching bunnies also made me realise that this age group is the most fragile and important. They grasp things really quick! They’re amazing at imitating every thing you say or do, this should be taken advantage of because they can be taught great things at this period. I feel truly blessed and grateful for these little kids. I had the most beautiful time nurturing them and receiving equal love from them too. I will truly miss them so much, I already am actually!Wishing my little bunnies success wherever they go❤️.
Ms Nabeela Khalfan
Bunnies Class Teacher 2021

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    Hi there,
    I got overwhelmed to read the heart warming n overwhelming words of all the teachers above. Kids being nurtured and modelled by such mentors n guides of the little scholars is itself a blessing for every child studying there…❤️❤️. Once again congratulations to all teachers for all the hard work , dedication and love pouring into d teaching methods of school..Cannot thanks enough teacher Shazia for being such a wonderful class teacher..🌺🌺.its been a funfilled journey,my daughter Mireya is looking to be back in school again for the next class ….
    Best wishes
    Anureet Bharya

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