The Journey Home

A polar bear whose Arctic world is melting sets out to find a better place to live. An Asian orangutan and panda bear whose homes are falling apart join the search for a better home. They set out on overwhelming seas whose waves are rising (global warming effect) just to end up with an extinct African bird, the Dodo; a bird that waited for a better home too.

Our journey across the seven continents doesn’t just consist of recognizing their shapes, places and names. It is also a lot about learning our place in the world too. It is about knowing that though it is ours to call home, it is also the orangutans and the pandas and the polar bears home too.

Our new theme is a merge between two consecutive themes; ‘our world and continents’ merged with ‘recycle, reuse and reduce’ (in other words keeping our world safe). We discover what animals live where, what are the main attractions in each continent, how each continent has its own cultures (next up in April), and their very own special landmarks too.

To get us thinking about the cause-effect of our actions, I started March off with the famous book by Oliver Jeffers called “Stuck.” A boy who expended all his efforts and resources just trying to get his precious kite down a tree (honestly sounds a bit like the industrial world today). As we read through this book during the fun book week, we discovered the cause and effect of our actions, the importance of just stopping and thinking things through and the responsibility we have to shoulder once we’ve created a big mess. “Was there a better way to solve the problem?” Yes.

There’s more packed up for the Elephants after the Easter break including learning about our oceans and rivers, and focusing more on how to keep our world safe. So far, the Elephants are loving this theme. The seven continents song has become a daily tune and a favorite.

Cultivating Empathy

As I reinforce the children’s emotional regulatory skills at school indirectly through thematic exploration, I urge you to do the same at home. There’s a certain way I do it though. I get the children to think, first with their brain,

then with their heart. You can cultivate empathy in young children through many ways, and discussions based around books are a great place to start. For me, empathy is not just a mere bridge between one person to another, or a person to themselves. It is an extensive bridge that covers the environment around us too.

“Who would like to see a real polar bear?”
“What if all the polar bears had to leave their home?”
“Is it okay to cut down trees for ourselves and leave no homes for the pandas?” “How do you think they would feel?”
“How would you feel if your home was destroyed?”

As Maria Montessori stated, “The child is the creator of man.” In other words, a child is a future society. To envision a better future is to cultivate good within our children too.


Learning continues in class, no doubt. We have started working on number line subtraction, refining the “missing number” concept and counting backwards from 20, which is rather quite difficult for the elephants than I had anticipated (perhaps something to reinforce with your child at home).


Our new guided reading passages (or guided reading books) are so important! I cannot stress enough about the positive literary impact they will bring upon your child if you take them seriously at home. They are now an integral part of our language sessions in school, but going the extra mile at home by reading every night will get your child to places. Mathematical skills seem to come naturally to the kids. Reading is one of those acquired skills that must be reinforced.

There’s quite a bit of homework for you to do, but I definitely want you and your child to enjoy the break. If you decide to skip the homework, I will be okay with that. But I plead you to read with your child every night/day! Don’t skip reading please!

Do check out the links below 🙂

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Thematic resources to explore at home :

Enjoy our Bonus easter video too!! Happy Holidays!

Video 1:

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    I have loved little scholars since 2013 and their teacher this year is an extra sweetheart all the kids are hers frst then ours ! It’s an amazing journey when you feel yes you really are with your child through out !!
    You are an amazing team and I can’t be happier everyday than thinking that my child is in the safest most intelligent hands at LS love you all team LS ❤️❤️

    Thank you Shaistah for your lovely words! Your comment has been screen shot and saved for memories sake. Such lovely words that I will forever treasure! Lots of Love xoxo

    Beautiful! Love reading through all pages and seeing what all classes are up to! I especially love the hop little bunnies video on page 4!
    Great job LS team!

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