Reading is dreaming with open eyes.

In the month of march, we celebrated our ‘world book day,’ but the festival took place for a whole week. This event brought many exciting activities for the children, also allowing room for imagination and creativity. The book selected for the Giraffe’s class was “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. The children audio listened to the book and we had discussions along the way. It was very fun and exciting discussing about the events that were happening in the book. Our favorite concept is the fact that almost everything inside the factory was made out of ‘CHOCOLATE!’. It even had a chocolate river. The children used their imagination, and we did drool over all the different rooms that the factory had to offer, and learnt some moral lessons from the book, especially from the characters. This book was surely the best pick because the activities that came with it were fun and we had treats in the end. The Giraffes had a hunt for chocolate bars and only 5 of them were able to get the golden ticket but nobody missed out on anything because they were allowed to bring a friend along. Alas, our week came to an end and we went back to our daily learning.

This month the theme we learnt is ‘our world,’ which is geography based. We learnt about the features that make up our world (air, land and water), and also understood that water covers up more part of the earth than land. The children learnt about the 7 different continents (in a beautiful song that we enjoy singing) and how within those continents there are countries! We also took a trip around the world, visiting the 7 wonders and choosing which ones we like the best. Lastly, we recognized the 5 oceans, their names and location. Now that we have learnt about our world and the importance of it, our next theme is about how we can protect our world. As the giraffes are aware of how life in the past, present and future differ. We use many resources from the earth,
but we need to value it more. Our next theme is on “Recycle, Re-use and Reduce.”

The Giraffes have been thriving in their language and numeracy aspect. They are now able to read books that are for their level. This is with the help of learning numerous sight words and continuing CVC reading fluency activities. Now that they have mastered the short CVC words we have moved on to double vowels (oo & ee) which we are still learning. The giraffes continue to work independently in their addition, subtraction, before and after numbers, this is to allow them to gain confidence when doing their sums. It is important for a child to remember that mistakes are proof that we are trying. Enjoy the Easter holiday 🙂

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    I have loved little scholars since 2013 and their teacher this year is an extra sweetheart all the kids are hers frst then ours ! It’s an amazing journey when you feel yes you really are with your child through out !!
    You are an amazing team and I can’t be happier everyday than thinking that my child is in the safest most intelligent hands at LS love you all team LS ❤️❤️

    Thank you Shaistah for your lovely words! Your comment has been screen shot and saved for memories sake. Such lovely words that I will forever treasure! Lots of Love xoxo

    Beautiful! Love reading through all pages and seeing what all classes are up to! I especially love the hop little bunnies video on page 4!
    Great job LS team!

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