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    Oh my !!!! I did not realize when my child grew up! For the meeting when I met his teacher she actually showed me he writes !! I was stunned I did not believe and best part is that when ever he’s back home I will know what he has learnt today in school because he never misssed to show me while he’s playing about a frog the three stages of life the addition the subtractions the Karla koala guppies I never understood at frst what was he saying koala cupcakes now I got it 🤣I hve loved how my small baby is now all grown up and ready to do so many things ….. being a mother of 4 I feel little scholars and his teacher esp have mothered him more than. I , remain forever grateful for what wonderful job your team is doing thankyou very much god bless you all ! This is my third child in this school and not a second did I regret 👍👍

    Anureet Bharya – hi all there, i am the mother of Mireya Bharya from kittens. i still remember when i was searching for a school for my daughter and i without any doubts i opted for little scholars. During the initials weeks after her admission, my daughter had school trauma, fears and separation anxieties. But wow what an amazing transformation i see in my daughter s personality.she s more confident, inquisitive,wiser n always playful. In the last two months she has learnt colouring, numberless rhymes,names of week, shift of dialect from Kiswahili to english , number recognition and many other creative activities witnessed everyday in the school has enhanced her interest in school even more😊😊 Her every morning when she leaves for school is the best part of her day, brimming with enthusiasm n zeal 😬
    I heartily give my thanks to the entire staff n team of little scholars for fostering overall development of a child which includes intellectual, social , emotional and physical heartfelt thanks to teacher Shazia for inspiring and cultivating resilience in my daughter..i highly appreciate such a heart warming and child friendly care n love delivered during the school best wishes to the school n its team ahead 😊

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